Successful Treatment of COVID-19 in Volunteers

The first three Israeli volunteer who have had before the treatment positive tests, have turned from positive to negative Covid 19 results in 24 hours in their home testing. The first two, repeated the home testing in the Israeli PCR office the following day and were confirmed NEGATIVE PCR . Here is a photo in Hebrew of the good news shared by the first volunteer,

We are delighted to share that 75% of the volunteers who participated in our monitored testing reported negative to covid 19 – just 24 hours after the treatment. The other 25% reported negative within 48 hours after the treatment.

Significant improvements have been reported in most of the symptoms within 24-48 hours.

“I am on the the 12th day of Covid 19 which started with every nightmare symptoms…
one day after i took the liquid ( tested medicine ) my smell and taste senses have started to come return gradually”

“My crazy headaches get better”
“My fatigue – needs more time – but is certainly getting better”

“The name of the company which developed this treatment is novel concept medical”


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