Author: Dr. Rachel Alkalay

Breast Cancer Treatments Results

We are very happy to share:GROUNDBREAKING successful testing in a breast cancer patient: There was no change in the size of her tumor in 3 months, as seen on her ultrasounds before and after our treatment. The volunteer was treated with our formula for several days during this period. The size of her tumor was

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Breast Cancer Case Study

We are pleased to announce first success of a breast cancer case study  -the volunteer patient has been diagnosed with breast cancer with metastasis on 5/7/2021 and started treatment with our formula in September .A second ultra sound  from 30/9/2021 has confirmed that the metastasis size has not changed in comparison to the early July

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Covid-19 Case Study Statistics

The ages of the patients : 40-50  years old The ages of the patients : 40-50  years old How many confirmed COVID-19 patients received a negative COVID-19 result in up to 48 hours after the start of NCM treatment ?100% How many Confirmed COVID-19 patients received a negative  COVID-19 result in up  to 24 hours

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My wife recovering after having right hemicolectomy surgery for her advanced Crohn’s disease.

Successful Treatment of COVID-19 in Volunteers

The first three Israeli volunteer who have had before the treatment positive tests, have turned from positive to negative Covid 19 results in 24 hours in their home testing. The first two, repeated the home testing in the Israeli PCR office the following day and were confirmed NEGATIVE PCR . Here is a photo in

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