Find Out How Can Our Groundbreaking Cure Assist You In Protecting And/or Healing From Covid-19 ?

a) Who can use our cure?

  1. All are welcome: our cure is effective for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
  2. Vegan friendly : our cure has 100% natural ingredients.

b) How does it work ?

  1. Stops the entry of the virus: it has been lab proved to be able to stop the viral entry into your body cells – so if you just got infected – it can help stop the virus right at its entrance – you can use our natural cure as prevention against being infected.
  2. Stops the progress of the virus: it has also been lab proved to stop the viral progress in the body – so if you have already been infected and found out about it later – it can help you get over the virus very fast. Our first studies showed impact within 48 hours on volunteer patients to get a negative covid-19 result.
  1. Significantly and quickly reduces the COVID-19 symptoms
  2. Significantly and quickly reduces the long COVID-19 symptoms – even after being tested negative to COVID-19 – still many people experience symptoms. Our cure helps significantly reduce and minimize these symptoms

What Is The Difference Between Our Cure And Any Covid-19 Vaccines?

1) Dual Impact

Our cure is good for all:

  1. people who want to PROTECT themselves and PREVENT the virus entry.
  2. people who are already infected who want to heal fast – our cure CAN STOP THE VIRAL PROGRESS. Whereas Vaccines do not treat people who are already infected.

2) Fast

Our first studies showed volunteers got a negative COVID-19 result within the first 24-48 hours after our treatment. 

3) Heal the symptoms of COVID-19 and Long COVID-19

Our first studies showed volunteers got a negative COVID-19 result within the first 24-48 hours after our treatment. All or most of the Long COVID-19 symptoms improved significantly or totally within the first few days after our treatment.

4) Our Cure is made ONLY from Natural compounds.

5) No or Minimal side effects.

6) It is effective for all people, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

7) Easy to use – in a liquid form, easy to take with you, wherever you go: home, work, travel.

8) Easy to store at room temperature.

9) Our natural ingredients are safe for kids.

10) Safe for people with background diseases.

11) Cost effective

There Are A Number Of Problems With The Vaccines

1) Side Effects -Many experts express concerns about the side effects of the vaccines as reported in official sites of the USA and the UK

More information about the side effects of the vaccines can be found in official websites of the USA and UK : https://vaers.hhs.govand

Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal – 1000 studies list

2) Not all people are interested

3) Variants

4) 46% percent of organ transplant recipients show no response to the COVID-19 vaccines

5) Limited in their geographical scope

6) Expensive