Novel Concepts Medical Announces a Breakthrough Colon Cancer Study

LONDON, United Kingdom — Novel Concepts Medical’s case study shows improvement in a colon cancer patient with metastases in his liver and shrinkage of his tumor size after using our plant-based treatment. No side effects have been reported of our treatment.

It is known that approximately half of patients with colorectal cancer, which includes colon cancer, in the world develop metastases, and survival rates drop significantly among such patients.

This case study, as well as several others we performed, shows that plant-based treatment may improve the medical condition of cancer patients.

[A] History

A 46-year-old British patient was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer with three liver metastases at the Royal Marsden hospital in London in July 2021.

Below is his diagnostic imaging report from 15 July 2021.

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The following are the patient’s blood test results before our treatment, from 8 July 2021 to 15 November 2021:

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[B] Our Treatment of the Patient

  1. The patient exclusively received our plant-based treatment for a couple of weeks in July 2022 during a break between chemotherapy sessions, from 5 July 2022 through 20 July 2022.
  2. Following that time, his blood tests confirmed that his liver biomarkers and blood test results improved and that his CEA cancer marker and C-reactive protein (CRP) decreased. These results show that the cancer shrank and that the inflammation level of the body significantly improved. His inflammation (CRP biomarkers) more than halved.
  3. Our treatment also positively affected his appetite and energy. He was able to eat better, walk out of bed, and take a daily walk of a few miles during that period.
  4. The following are the relevant changes to his biomarkers (the full results of his blood tests can be viewed in the photo of the blood test reports below):
Biomarker (unit) Normal Range 05/07/2022 (before treatment) 20/07/2022 (after treatment)
Liver Biomarkers
Creatinine (μmol/L) 62-106 47 54
Albumin (g/L) 35-50 44 46
Alkaline phosphatase (iu/L) 30-130 83 86
Bilirubin (μmol/L) <21 7 9
Total protein (g/L) 60-80 64 68
Globulin (g/L) 20-40 20 22
Other Biomarkers
Haemoglobin (g/L) 130-170 125 142
Lymphocytes (×10^9/L) 1.0-3.0 0.7 0.8
Haematocrit (L/L) 0.400-0.500 0.388 0.437
RBC (×10^12/L) 4.5-5.5 3.9 4.5
Creatinine (μmol/L) 62-106 47 54
C Reactive Protein <5.0 10.8 4.3
(HCA) – CEA (ng/mL) <3.9 14 13
  1. After the period of our treatment and after an exam on October 6, 2022, his medical report concluded, “Overall essentially stable disease when compared to the previous CT . . . with a marginal reduction in the size of the enlarged left supraclavicular node and left adrenal metastatic deposit. Stable disease elsewhere.”
  2. On 1 September 2022, the patient emailed, “Ok, so a bit of an update. I got the MRI results back and they were not as bad as we feared. Basically, the MRI confirms that there has been little change in the liver since this time last year, which is good news really.”
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[C] The Patient’s Blood Tests Before and After Our Treatment

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To conclude, this case study shows that Novel Concepts Medical’s plant-based, patent-pending treatments may significantly improve the medical results of colon cancer with liver metastases and halt the progress of tumors in the liver, in a noninvasive method.

The company plans to sell the plant-based treatment as an herbal medicine in the future.