Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and Inflammatory Disease:

As of a 2020 study, there are 9.9 million new cases of dementia each year, and there were estimated to be 55 million people living with dementia in 2020.

Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds. Approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with the disease every year, and it is estimated that there will be 139 million people living with it by 2050. Many of these individuals suffering from dementia live in low- and middle-income countries, which makes caring for them in a proper and humane manner even more difficult. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are more than just medical problems. Unfortunately, in many countries, those with these diseases are denied basic human rights and freedoms available to general able-bodied individuals.

The good news is that Novel Concepts Medical has developed a novel solution to cure Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The patients in our case studies saw improvement in the following parameters: (1) Speech, (2) Communication, (3) Mobility, (4) Mental state aggressiveness / Hallucinations / Dementia-related psychosis, (5) Mood, (6) Expression of emotions, (7) Daily activity, (8) Items recognition, (9) Sleep disorders,  (10) Vitality, and (11) managing their finances as detailed below.

Case Studies

Alzheimer's Disease Patients

[A] A compassion treatment for an 89-year-old 10-year Alzheimer’s disease patient has been successful.

Within the first 4–7 weeks of treatment, the patient demonstrated very significant improvement in his cognitive abilities. We have video of this patient’s incredible recovery from Alzheimer’s disease.​

  • Speech – he is now able to talk, and he answers questions
  • Mobility – he is walking after 6 months of sitting
  • Vitality – the color in his face and eyes has returned
  • Recognition – he recognizes items such as a mobile telephone device
  • Mood – he is relaxed and smiles
  • He shook hands with an old-time friend

His family shares his old medical record to help others. See in the link!

Here is a thank you letter from the family following our treatment.

Below are videos of the same person taken by his daughter two years later. As can be clearly seen, Mr. Yair is communicating with his family in 2023 and wholeheartedly wishing well to the founder of our company, in response to his daughter's suggestion.

Below is a medical record from an Israeli doctor who diagnosed the patient mentioned above in 2013 as a patient with Alzheimer’s disease.
His date of birth (1932) appears on his ID card.
We would like to thank the family for kindly sharing these documents.

[B] A compassion treatment for a woman in her early 80s with Alzheimer’s disease for 4 years

  • Prior to receiving treatment, the patient did not speak rationally at all.
  • Within the first 10 days of treatment, the patient started to communicate rationally with her family on a focused subject. When her son took her photo, she asked, “Am I being photographed?”

[C] A compassion treatment for a woman in her early 80s with Alzheimer’s disease for 3 years

  • Prior to receiving treatment, the patient was in her own world, did not walk or talk much, and had no appetite.
  • Within the first 10 days of treatment, the patient started talking more, walking more, smiling more, asked her daughter how old she was, and—for the first time in 3 years—prepared her own coffee.

Here is a video describing the impact of our Alzheimer’s disease medicine on these two Alzheimer’s patients in their fourth and third year with the disease. The families describe life before and after 3 weeks of giving our groundbreaking Alzheimer’s medicine, giving a new hope to any dementia patient that our cure can not only halt the progress of Alzheimer’s disease but also reverse many of its symptoms.

[d] Early stage Alzheimer’s disease / dementia, cognitive decline with sleep disorder case study

Insomnia is estimated to impact between 10% and 60% of the population worldwide. Current medicines are treating sleep disorders but not healing them; this is why Novel Concepts Medical is offering an alternative plant-based treatment.

This volunteer patient has been diagnosed with dementia. Before the treatment he reported many times of being confused and forgetting his belongings. He also confused future and past events.

  • He was given our treatment from 17/12/2021 until 6/1/2022.
  • During this period we measured the number of times he reported confusion or loss of memory, compared to his wife as a control subject. The number went down and was very close to zero during the whole period.
  • In addition his sleep has improved significantly, with less sleep interruptions reported during this period. 

Please watch the interview with the volunteer below.