High Cholesterol

According to Euractiv, there are 133 million people in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK with high cholesterol. This number is around 94 million for adults in the United States, according to the CDC.

Having high cholesterol increases the risk of serious conditions, including heart disease and stroke, which are the leading and fifth leading causes of death, respectively.

As of early 2022, eighty percent of the world’s adults aged 65 and over have at least one chronic disease.
Our work at Novel Concepts Medical is about improving what science calls “healthspan,” or the number of years that people can live well without disease.
Our results clearly show that this mission is possible. With your support to our self-funded start-up, together we can make it happen faster.

Diabetes and High Cholesterol Patient

This volunteer patient has been diagnosed with diabetes.

  • He was given our treatment from 17/12/2021 until 6/1/2022.
  • His glucose level, which was 100 on 16/12/2021, went down to 81 by 6/1/2022.
  • His cholesterol went down from 256 to 244.

In another case another patient’s high cholesterol  went down from 114.6 to 99.3 in just a few weeks. As can be seen in the blood tests of this cancer patient.

High Cholesterol Patient

Here are the results before and after the treatments.
Before the treatments
After the treatments