Novel Concepts Medical’s Plant-Based Cure Holds Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease. Join Us for a Networking Meeting.

We are excited to announce breakthrough results in Alzheimer’s disease research conducted in Israel in several case studies REVERSING COGNITIVE DECLINE of all volunteers from early to late stages with our patent-pending plant-based formulations.

Our formula has been used to treat a late-stage Alzheimer’s disease patient (91 years old) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013. Following our treatment in 2021, he began communicating with his family. Our formula has also been used to treat other individuals in earlier stages of the disease and measured communication skills, finance management, daily living activities, mental state, and sleeping quality.

Based on our results, we are ready to proceed with global regulatory submissions and looking to collaborate with licensing partners, foundations that invest in large-scale clinical studies, clinical collaborations, etc.

Videos and information about our Alzheimer’s disease and dementia case studies can be found here:

We recently won two awards:

  1. The company won Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s Most Pioneering Life Saving Treatments R&D Company 2023 – Middle East Award.

  2. Dr. Rachel Alkalay, founder of the company, was honored to receive an award from the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys as one of the top three innovative and creative women inventors of 2023. More information about that award can be found here:

We will be available to discuss Novel Concepts Medical’s groundbreaking results during the conference.

Those who are interested in collaborating with Novel Concepts Medical on our next steps are invited to join the founder, Dr. Rachel Alkalay, for an in-person meeting during the conference (spaces are limited) or for a virtual meeting after the conference.

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